Civil Construction Watering

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    Civil construction water services on the Gold Coast

    Are you looking for a local team to take care of your dust suppression and compaction needs on the Gold Coast? Does your construction site water tank need to be filled? Whatever your civil construction water requirements, our expertly trained staff is sure to be able to help.

    At Timberlea Transport Water Services, we have an excellent range of cutting-edge water trucks on hand to take care of all your civil construction needs. Our trucks come fully equipped with batter sprays, canons, dribble bars and front fans for road washing, and their drivers have significant experience in a variety of different projects and working conditions.

    All of these systems are all controlled from the cab, ensuring maximum safety for anyone working on your site. Our trucks are also fitted with all the necessary safety lights, signage and equipment, and every single driver has the current construction blue cards for working onsite.

    Our full range of civil construction water services encompasses:

    • Dust suppression, formation and compaction
    • Bulk water deliveries
    • Road works
    • Pipe flushing
    • Sewer flushing
    • Street washing
    • Building and construction projects
    • Tank fills

      For more information on our professional civil construction and dust control services, simply give us a ring on 07 5580 0559 .

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